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Dubai Future AcademyCo-creating
the future

Dubai Future Academy is a knowledge hub for those
creating the future. It equips them with the skills and
tools that they will need for an ever-changing world.

We train for resilience & transformation.

About the Academy

Under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Dubai Future Academy was launched as part of the Dubai Future Foundation in 2017.

Dubai Future Academy is the capacity-building arm of the Dubai Future Foundation, providing learning opportunities to develop future skills. The Academy’s educational courses and programmes ensure that participants are equipped with future skills, have the foresight to predict the big changes around the corner, can make sound decisions, and are able to formulate forward-looking strategies.

Our Methodology

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    latest trends and develop
    new horizons.

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    what’s possible and visualise opportunities.

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    the future through collaboration and contextualisation.

Our Pillars

Future Literacy - group discussion

Future Literacy (Human Skills)

We are entering a dynamic world where we need to take the initiative in order to thrive. How can we develop our capacity to shift our perspectives and become aware of our own assumptions about the future? We should not simply let the future “happen” but instead actively shape our journey here on Earth.

Girl with VR headset

Future Technologies (Technical Skills)

New technologies are changing our environment as we speak. They alter our own behaviour and how we lead our daily lives. Only 10 years ago, Artificial Intelligence was considered a fringe and speculative field. Today, it is embedded in public consciousness as the next big thing.
How can we use these technologies for human good?

Group working around tables

Future Methodologies (Foresight Skills)

How can we anticipate long-term development? What are our tools to forecast and chart how societies evolve from now to the future? As we transition to the next wave of technological, economic and social development, what do we see coming over the horizon in the decades to come?


Our Campus

The Academy’s home is the “Office of the Future”, the world’s first fully-functional 3D-printed office in the world. Here is a place that provides aspiration for the future, with the design and interior inspiring participants to be creative and explore what is possible

Dubai Future Academy Venue (outside)
Dubai Future Academy Venue (outside)
Dubai Future Academy Venue (inside)
Dubai Future Academy Venue (inside)
Dubai Future Academy Venue (inside)
Dubai Future Academy Venue (inside)
Dubai Future Academy Venue (inside)
Dubai Future Academy Venue (outside)
Dubai Future Academy Venue (outside)
Dubai Future Academy Venue (outside at night)
Dubai Future Academy Venue (outside)
Dubai Future Academy Venue (inside)