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Our initiatives are the results of our efforts to position Dubai as a leading city of the future. They address and amplify our strategic areas of focus; bringing people together to reimagine the future and take steps towards making it real.


Dubai Future Foundation launches initiatives under five strategic areas of focus that collectively help move Dubai towards becoming a leading city of the future.

Future, Foresight & Imagination

High-level thought and strategic initiatives that create space for bold, exponential change while ensuring that the regulatory and financial ecosystems evolve to fit.

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Content & Knowledge Dissemination

Knowledge that crosses borders to inform the entire Middle East. We are home to multiple initiatives that curate and disseminate cutting-edge scientific research, technology breakthroughs, social commentary and current affairs from renowned authors and speakers.

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Capacity Building

Envisioning the future is only the first step. The second is to build the skills and capacities to fulfil this vision. We host, support and amplify global initiatives such as the One Million Arab Coders and the Dubai Future Academy that inculcate the global skills needed for a future in flux.

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Future Design & Acceleration

The Foundation take ideas and turns them into opportunities. It transforms challenges into case studies; concepts into reality. Our ecosystem is designed to turn Dubai into a testing ground for new technologies and brand new approaches.

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Future Experience

It’s not just enough to envision. The future and its myriad possibilities must be demonstrated and experienced. With the Museum of the Future, we showcase what is possible on a grand, immersive scale. This creates the buy-in and inspiration that leads to participation, and that puts Dubai’s future agenda front and centre in everyone’s imagination.

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